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In July, 1990 I was writing this article in Newsletter, Vol. 3 N º 2 of The Australian Society of Logotherapy, in reference to Dr. Viktor E. Frankl. I want to edit it now. To be able to underline the importance of a relation between Teacher-Disciple based on love.
I was saying in that year: “A real master does not emerge from the University classrooms, not from the magisterial lectures in the science halls, not even from the publications he could offer to humanity.
He emerges, really, from the spirit. It is the spirit in its constant search for development the one who finds him.
And it finds him with its own language, with his own strength, with its own light.
Such an encounter is thus final.
Mutual self-transcendence does exist. The master ignores it. He feels it or perceives it. The disciple knows it. He knows that unique feeling that draws him near the master.
He absorbs his wisdom. Drinking from the elixir that emerges from the master´s life experience. Feeding his own “self”. And immediately he feels complete and ready to go out into the world. To display her experience as Pastor of souls.
The herd now comes to the disciple with its sores claiming to be cured. And he takes care of them, guiding them in their search for meaning. He guides them towards freedom. He helps them overcome their suffering. And he doesn´t mind suffering with them. He is happy. He chose that road and feels responsible for it. He looks for others to open up their spirit so that they may encounter in love and solidarity. As he encountered his teacher one day. And love him.
Some of the herd departs healed, now taking the disciple as Teacher. And they open up their spirit to encounter others who suffer, multiplying the development of Pastors of Souls. For the benefit of Humanity.
Now there are many disciples. They all look up to the Teacher who was born in Vienna in 1905. They all listen to his word.
The Teacher appears all dynamic, agile, understanding, intelligent and humble, all at the same time.
His motto is the reflection of his own life: “I have found meaning in my life by helping others to find meaning in their”, a motto which he has fulfilled under the worst circumstances. In spite of everything he always said “yes” to life.
He preaches his message throughout the world speaking from his heart. And languages are no barrier to this message. It is transmitted from person to person. From a being that suffered and found meaning in his life overcoming suffering, to another one who now suffers and needs him. And the message is listened to, with attention.
Many are the miles covered. Where the Teacher cannot reach, his books precede him, telling us about his life experience and giving shape to his creation: Logotherapy.
Which is not a model, but inspiration to carry through one’s own experience of helping others to find meaning in their lives. And thus self-trascend.
The disciple remembers the encounter with the Master. First, through his books, then the personal encounter, touching, unique, transcendent. It was in Buenos Ares. Then the search, Caracas, again Buenos Aires, Mendoza… Now he is awaiting his return to Buenos Aires, the city were the Master finds affection in a group of disciples, which grows grain by grain like the fertile summer harvest.
The Master loves these Latin, never-ending lands, because their people still believe in love, hope, solidarity, family, friendship and freedom. He is teaching us to make ourselves responsible.
Because these lands in crisis. Social and economic crisis provoked by the excessive greed of a few in detriment of many others.
 And he will arrive to give his word once more, and the seed will sprout. Because the lands are fertile. Fertile to accept the balm of Logotherapy.
The disciple knows this. He has practiced many years in a General Surgery Hospital and has learnt to face pain, suffering and death. There, where it was necessary to help find a meaning in life, in spite of circumstances.
The Master´s teachings were of great help for treating terminal patients, for the pain caused by the death of a family member through accident or illness, for the fear caused by surgical operations and also for the coldness and lack of understanding from some professionals.
Yet there, too, was the master in spirit. Giving strength to the disciple so he could help find a meaning.
For it was no one but the Master himself whom, speaking through the disciple, was able to find the right word or the understanding gesture to console a woman who lost her husband and two daughters in a accident. It is difficult to help someone  find meaning in life when she has lost it all. But he succeeded. Passing on the Teacher experience. And his own. That at this point in life he has accumulated. With much suffering and many losses. Also of children. Life has taken them away. Life has given them back. Here the disciple shed a few tears for his lost children and a few others out of happiness, thinking in his adopted ones.
It is love that unites them. That unites everyone. Teacher, followers, sons and daughters, people who suffer, people who are grateful, hands that join in solidarity.
It is love, there is no doubt. In spite of all hatred, suffering, failure, greed for power, aggression, flight, self-abandonment, it is love that gives a meaning. Through others, helping and helping oneself to overcome frustration and existential vacuum.
It is mankind´s love from Man to Man.
And it is love for the Master who unites us all: disciples, patients, pupils, readers, those who have become fascinated by his presence in lectures.
He unites us all, from this land, fertile lands avid for hope, to send him our warmest wishes:
Thank you very much Dr. Viktor E. Frankl.”

#Dr. Viktor E. Frankl and Dr. José Martínez-Romero Gandos
  Caracas (Venezuela) 1985

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